Maryland Mortgage and Refinance Rates

As of Monday, January 16, 2023, current rates in Maryland are 6.39% for a 30-year fixed and 5.72% for a 15-year fixed.


What does a mortgage mean?

The vast majority of people lack the monetary means to just buy a house outright. Instead, they choose mortgages, a special kind of finance designed for the acquisition of real estate. First, they put down a down payment, which may be anything from 3% to 25% of the home’s buying price, and then they apply for a mortgage to cover the rest of the costs.

The period of time during which a mortgage must be repaid is known as the loan’s “term.” A 30-year time range is the norm.

Each instalment includes not only the principal and interest accrued on the loan, but also any real estate taxes and mortgage insurance that have accrued since the loan’s inception. (The buyer and seller may agree to include homeowners insurance in the purchase price, or the buyer and seller may agree that the homeowner would pay the insurance company directly.)

The main is the original sum you borrowed and the interest you pay is the price you pay to use that principal.

What Is a Good Interest Rate for a Mortgage?

There is no universally accepted definition of a “good” mortgage rate. An attractive interest rate in today’s market might be as low as 6% for one borrower on the same day, and as high as 8% for another borrower.

Requesting and comparing quotes from many lenders will give you a good indication of what a fair mortgage rate would be for you.

This will let you compare the interest rates offered by different financial institutions and make an informed decision about which one provides the best conditions for your specific situation.

How to Compare 30 Year Fixed Mortgages?

If you shop around and get several mortgage loan offers from various lenders, you have a far better chance of getting an affordable interest rate on a fixed 30-year mortgage.

Specifically, here’s what you do:

Get pre-approval

In order to have a reliable basis for comparison, you should receive rate quotes from at least three different mortgage lenders on the same day. One of the key factors that lenders evaluate when setting your interest rate is your debt-to-income ratio, often known as your DTI.

Compare the APRs to see the difference

The APR considers not just the interest rate but also additional fees you’ll have to pay throughout the life of the loan, such as the origination fee and the number of points.

Think on both the lender's reputation and your own experience

Outside of the numbers, think about how flexible the lender is and how manageable the conditions are. Investigate what past borrowers of the lender have to say about their experience working with them.

Where to Find the Lowest Rates on a 30-Year Home Loan?

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